Hello, I'm Ally Ryde (she/her).


I am teaching "Designing Unique Quilt Patterns".  

About Me

Hello! I'm Ally Ryde - a designer, creative entrepreneur and online educator. I teach quilters and surface pattern designers how to design, write and sell unique quilt patterns so they can confidently share their creativity with the world, find
purpose in their passion and build a creative business they love.

I’m originally from Australia, and I am currently based just outside Verona, Italy. I love sewing and quilting, sketching, taking photos and using digital and mixed media. I am perennially curious and always seeking new knowledge plus I’m a huge Adobe Illustrator and Indesign Nerd.

My work is focused around my mission: which is to make design accessible to EVERYONE!

It's my true belief that anyone can learn how to design and that good design is something that everyone can experience and enjoy every day. If you are passionate about design and/or quilting like me, you can find me through my website www.allyryde.com or email [email protected] 

7 steps to grow a quilt pattern design business
Ally's Quilt
Iterating on designs
Vibrant and textured yellow quilt

My Workshop


  • How do I know if my quilt design is unique enough? 
  • How do I come up with a design that stands out? 
  • So you want to make a quilt... But not just any quilt. 
  • You want to make a UNIQUE quilt. One that you’ve never seen before! 
  • Maybe you’re a quilt pattern designer and you’re looking for new ideas for your next quilt pattern.
  • But where do you start? 
  • How do you make sure that the idea you come up with is unique, is truly a representation of your design style and doesn’t look like ALL the other quilts you see on Pinterest or Instagram? 

Coming up with unique design ideas is the number one challenge that people talk to me about when starting the journey to designing a quilt. 

Join me as I share my 3-step design process that allows you to consistently come up with unique design ideas for quilts and quilt patterns.

 Grow the confidence you need to consistently come up with unique design ideas and share your creativity with the world.

Workshop Supply List


  • Pen and paper

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Giveaway - Enter Ally's giveaway to win her favorite sketching supplies for developing your next unique quilt pattern - sent directly from her studio to you - value $50. 

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VIPs get an excellent bonus - free access to the 10 Design Challenge! 10 design prompts sent to you over 10 days to kick start your daily creative habit and help you uncover your next unique quilt design idea.

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