Hello, I'm Amy Lollis (she/her).


I am teaching "Junk Quilting: Incorporating Thrift Store Doilies (And Other Finds) Into Your Quilts".  

About Me

Hello, Beautiful Souls!

I'm Amy, the designer behind Happy Hippie Studio. I started quilting in 2013 when I was a new mom fighting postpartum depression, and began writing patterns in 2021. I believe that every quilt we make is a journal of who we are at the time, and collectively they tell our story. I don't write patterns that demand perfection; I want you to create authentically. When we allow our intuition to guide our creativity, what we create is pure magic!

Brightly Colored Quilt
star quilt on purple wall
Pieced quilt blocks
Crocheted Heart Bag

My Workshop


In this 30 minute workshop we'll go through everything you need to incorporate those creative elements to your quilt. 

  • Part 1: Choosing Your "Junk"
  • Part 2: Adding Doilies: Inset
  • Part 3: Adding Doilies: On Top
  • Part 4: Quilting Through Doilies

Workshop Supply List


  • All your¬†treasured thrifted finds
  • Quilt top to add them to
  • Sewing supplies such as pins and thread
  • Quilting supplies - sewing machine and walking foot or hand sewing needles and threads.¬†

Amy's Bonuses!

Everyone can enter her GIVEAWAY to win a glorious bundle of fabric plus a pattern.

VIPs can download a copy of her beautiful quilt pattern that incorporates vintage doilies.

PLUS watch an interview with Amy - only available to VIP Pass holders. 

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