Hello, I'm Eliot Anderberg (they/them)

I am talking about "The Euphoria Quilt Project".

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About Me

My name is Eliot Anderberg, and my pronouns are they/them. I am a quilter and teacher of improvisational quilting currently living in Albuquerque, NM. In June of 2023, I started the Euphoria Quilt Project, a trans and queer group quilt project that aims to celebrate and archive gender-expansive joy. In the spirit of my great-great and great grandmothers, four of whom gathered frequently with their community to make quilts, I am interested in quiltmaking primarily as an art form that connects us (both in the present, and across space and time). In my own practice and in my teaching, I prioritize improvisational quilting techniques that emphasize ease and intuition, and explore what it means for joy to be an aesthetic and guiding principle.

Euphoria quilt blocks
Euphoria quilt blocks
Leila's Quilt
Leila's Quilt

My Talk

A fireside chat, with event host Bea Byrne, about the Euphoria Quilt Project, a trans and queer group quilt project I started in June 2023. I started the project with the aim of using quilting to create a communal archive of gender-expansive joy during a time of unprecedented persecution and scapegoating of trans and gender-variant people. The 11'x12' quilt is made of blocks sent in by over 150 people from over 40 states and 5 countries that answer the question, "What does your gender expansive joy look like?" It is as much a love letter to quilts as it is to trans and queer community, and in this talk I will delve into what quilting techniques block-makers were most drawn to, present a selection of blocks, and discuss what I have learned throughout the project and where we are headed next.

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This fireside chat will be LIVE on Thursday July 18th at 2pm PST. 

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