Hello, I'm Elizabeth Okeyele-Olatunji (she/her).


I am teaching " Fun ways to keep our creative juices flowing!".  

About Me

Okeyele Elizabeth is a passionate entrepreneur and the owner of tunnizze creation, an educational organization that specializes in passing on needle craft skills to young children. A business she started in 2012.

To their credit are:

  • Kids' knit & crochet classes.
  • Train the trainer skill workshop
  • The knit/crochet contest
  • Tiny hats for Tiny Babies.

She strongly believes that “Every child must have the will to think as this helps them to create, make and do. Hand work like knitting helps them learn the will to think and bring to Life concept taught in class.When the will to think becomes a part of them , it makes their education functional. As they are able to think out solutions to real life problems .Because of her passion and persistence, she and her team have able to teach over 5000 children cutting across over Nigeria.

She freelances as educational consultant for Haffar industries Limited, Volunteers from time to time, love to speak on children, handwork, creativity and crafts. You can find her works on her business page.

She is craft yarn certified knitting teacher, a member of teachers Registration Council In Nigeria. She has a back ground in textile technology and recently concluded studying her professional diploma in education. She and her team have set another goal to reach 20,000 children with knitting skills across Africa.

Elizabeth's creations
Elizabeth's creations
Elizabeth's creations
Elizabeth's creations

My Workshop


I recently got asked "What are some ways to keep our creative juices flowing?" during a volunteer session I anchored for Craft Alliance Industry! We talked about gardening, spending time with children, having a community of creatives as support, and looking at the creative works of others - just to mention a few. In this conversation, I will be sharing fun tips from my experience of working with over 5,000 children in my 12 year career on how to keep the creative juices flowing!

Workshop Supply List


  • Pen & paper

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