Hello, I'm James Humecky(he/him).


I am teaching "Awareness and Artistry - Somatics to get the creative juices flowing".  

About Me

Meet James Humecky, the vibrant force behind a transformative journey into self-discovery for people of all walks of life. As a seasoned Somatic Educator, James weaves together the threads of self-mastery, i.e. movement, breath, touch, mindfulness, and communication, creating a canvas for you to explore and interpret your body's language.

Imagine a dynamic, hands-on therapeutic bodyworker who doesn't just guide but propels you on a path towards rewiring your neurobiological and psychosomatic patterns. A former Marine with a passion for teaching, James has cultivated a unique approach to powerful, body-centered self-awareness that ignites the creative spirit within.

With over 40 years of immersive experiences across the globe, from the lively streets of Nicaragua to the vibrant landscapes of Colombia and the challenging terrains of Palestine, James brings a rich tapestry of skills and insights. His teachings extend beyond the ordinary, offering vital self-care and recovery skills not only during times of upheaval but also in the midst of the everyday conflicts of artistic life.

Since 2004, James has been a professional bodyworker, lending his expertise to Somatic Awareness for wellness and stress reduction. Through his engaging classes, workshops and individual coaching, he shares his wealth of knowledge in touch, movement, meditation and breathwork.

Drawing from over 30 years of studying movement, anatomy, mindfulness and human behavior, James injects a playful and relaxed style into his teaching, making the information accessible and enjoyable.

Beyond the physical, James brings over 30 years of meditation practice to his wellness and stress reduction workshops, creating a holistic approach that nurtures the mind, body, and soul. Join him on this lively and inspiring journey, where the art of self-discovery meets the joy of creative expression.

James with a beard
Bodywork on the hand

My Workshop


In this 30 minute workshop, James will highlight the focus on self-discovery, and the intersection of creativity and body awareness, for when you are feeling dull and uncreative.

You'll focus on three areas:

  • Coherent Breath
  • Movement and Sound
  • Mindfulness Meditation

James will cover different topics such as:

  1. Unveiling the Art of Awareness - explore the elements of self-mastery: movement, breath, touch, mindfulness, and communication (self). Participants are encouraged to envision their bodies as canvases for exploration and interpretation.
  2. Rewiring Patterns through Dynamic Body Awareness - discussing the transformative journey towards rewiring stuck feelings. Emphasizing the role of body-centered self-awareness in sparking creativity.
  3. The Global Tapestry of Experience - connecting individuals diverse experiences to the development of vital self-care and recovery skills for artists facing everyday conflicts. Connecting individuals diverse experiences to the development of individual creativity and self-trust.
  4. Somatic Wisdom in Action - emphasizing the accessibility and enjoyment in learning through a playfulness.
  5. Holistic Artistry - encouraging participants to join the lively and inspiring journey, where the art of self-discovery meets the joy of creative expression.

Workshop Supply List


  • A comfortable chair or yoga mat

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