Hello, I'm Julia McLeod (she/her).


I am teaching "Mix It Up!", about creating a beautiful quilt from rescued materials.   

About Me

Julia McLeod is a quilt maker living and working in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in making quilts from rescued textiles, particularly silks. Julia's quilts combine a rich variety of textiles in traditional blocks. Neckties, saris, kimonos and furnishing fabrics all find their way into her work.

Born and raised in England, Julia worked as a menswear textile designer in the woolen and worsted mills of Yorkshire and Scotland, and later for a company on Savile Row, in the heart of London’s bespoke tailoring industry.

She moved to New York City in the early 1990’s, and America has been her home ever since. Julia enjoys lecturing and teaching online and in person. She has appeared on The Quilt Show (#2902) and has taught at Houston, PIQF and MAQF. Her work has appeared in Quiltmania and on the 2024 calendar of the Quilt Guild of the British Isles.

Triaxial fabric weaving
Metal Fram Purses - one using sashiko embroidery
Double Wedding Ring quilt using english paper piecing
Double Wedding Ring quilt using english paper piecing

My Workshop


In this 30-minute workshop you will learn how to create a beautiful quilt from rescued materials!

Every quilter has a stash of special fabrics they never get around to using. Why? Often these textiles are not your usual quilters cottons; they fray, stretch and slip, presenting technical challenges that can be intimidating. These fabrics might come from far away places and times, and can feel too precious to cut up - they’re irreplaceable!

My presentation aims to give you the encouragement, tips and techniques you need to reach for your scissors and make a start. We’ll select our fabrics, clean and prepare them, and decide which techniques will lead to a successful quilt. We’ll discuss what happens when you run out of your favorite, unique fabric and how to combine up cycled textiles with cottons from the quilt shop.

Reach for your scissors and don’t be afraid to Mix It Up!

Workshop Supply List


  • All those special fabrics you've been stashing
  • Your usual pins, thread, needles, scissors

Julia's Bonuses


For everyone - download "The 4 S's of Piecing with Silk". 

All attendees can enter her giveaway for a Pineapple Kaleidoscope EZ Piecing Kit

VIPs have access to an additional giveaway for a Flying Circus EZ Piecing Kit.

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