Hello, I'm LaTanya Pattillo (she/her).


I am teaching "Piecing and Planning - Creating the building blocks to reach your quilty goals!"  

About Me

LaTanya has been creating and crafting for over 22 years. She is a 2023 Maywood Maker for Maywood Studios and is a quiltmaker and quilting teacher living in North Carolina. LaTanya calls herself a traditional quilter with a lil’ bit of modern and her favorite techniques are foundation paper piecing, traditional star making and improv.

LaTanya enjoys supporting others who are on the path to achieving their creative goals, while continuing along her journey. She truly believes that “iron sharpens iron” and encourages her fellow quilters and crafters to “stay sharp together!

My Workshop


During my 60 minute workshop attendees will:

  1.  Build their vision quilt: Start with the end in mind - where do you want to go? What is your finished vision/piece?
  2. Design - identify their first 5 steps to take to achieve their goal. Where should you begin?
  3. Gather Materials and tools to "piece together" their vision quilt
  4. Identify their "visioneers" - the folks they need to connect with to help support their planning

LaTanya's Bonuses!


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