Hello, I'm Lisa White Reber (she/her).


I am teaching "Quilt Fabric Dyeing: Easily Create Brag-Worthy Fabric for Your Quilts".  

About Me

Meet Lisa White Reber, a true creative force who's been crafting since she could hold things in her hands. After diving into the world of Art and Art History at university, she hustled in bookkeeping and customer service by day, channeling her passion for fine craftsmanship the rest of the time.

In 1994, the quilting bug bit, and from there, Lisa's journey took a colorful turn with dyes. She started with the basics, transforming white cotton fabric into basic color wheels. But it didn't stop there – she's graduated from the tie-dyer's go-to Procion MX dyes to mastering discharge (yep, that's color removal), acid dyes for protein fibers, disperse dyes for polyester, and even vat dyes that play with adding and subtracting color – at the same time!

Fast forward to 2008, and DippyDyes was born. Her hand-dye business quickly became a sensation, with regular appearances at quilt shows since 2009. And guess what? She's not just a dyer; she's a teacher too. In 2012, Lisa started sharing her dyeing magic at guilds and at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, QuiltFest of New Jersey, and the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza, creating a community of students coming back year after year to level up their creative game.

Now, Lisa's all about the art of surface design. From mechanical tricks like clamping, tying, and stitching to chemical wizardry with wax, glue, and flour, she's got it all. Add screen-printing and painting with thickened dyes and discharge agents to the mix, and you've got a true artist pushing boundaries, and, let's be real, she Just. Can't. Stop. Dyeing! 

Yellow and purple dyed fabric
Man with red dyed fabric
Selection of dyed fabric
Dyed Fabric

My Workshop


In this 50 minute workshop I'll introduce you to Quilt Fabric Dyeing! You'll learn how to safely create wash-fast color on cotton fabric using Procion MX dyes. We'll cover how the dyes work, what supplies you need, three different methods for applying the color, and, of course, washing out!

When you’re done watching, you’ll know how to dye a solid single color, how to make crackly patterns in one or several colors, and how to make a value gradation – ten shades of one color from light to dark.

Workshop Supply List


  • Check out Lisa's bonuses which include a guide to the supplies you need, where to source them and how to prepare the day before! See the links below to find the download. 

Lisa's Bonuses!


Everyone can download a guide to the supplies needed for dyeing and where to source them, along with details of how to prepare for her workshop. 

Giveaway - Enter Lisa's giveaway to win a copy of the classic book "Color by Accident"

VIPs get an amazing bonus - first access to her new series of dye videos (not due out until the summer!) and a discount if they want to subscribe to future videos (new videos drop every 6 weeks).

You can also watch an interview with Lisa - only available to VIP Pass holders. 

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