Hello, I'm Penni Domikis (she/her).

I am teaching "All Scrapped Out!".

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About Me

I am the owner of Cabin Quilters (dba Cabin in the Woods Quilters), a quilt pattern design company established in 2003. I am a self-proclaimed Jill-of-all-trades and take pleasure in many hobbies including watercolor painting, clay building, gardening, photography, and scrapbooking.

I was introduced to quilting by a family friend, fell in love with sewing and immediately used my skills as a graphic designer and photographer to build a thriving pattern company.

As an award-winning quilter, I have developed a reputation for breaking down quilt designs into manageable pieces for quilters of all skill levels, following my company motto, “Make it simple ... but make it with style!” I love the creativity of coming up with new designs and delight in all aspects of the pattern process from the cutting, to the stitching, to the print layout for production.

I am a self-published author of 4 books and am currently working on a 5th book all about scrap quilting. I love working with fabric companies and product companies to showcase fabrics in their best light. As a designer I am happy to meet quilters from around the world and enjoying seeing their creations from my pattern inspiration.

I recently made the move to North Carolina from Virginia and host an all-inclusive Quilting Retreat facility. My husband and I, and our two pups, Stan and Olly, love working from the lake and I love entertaining quilters from around the country for our 5-day retreats. From the new studio, I am able to teach quilters from all over the world with online classes and YouTube videos.

You can visit me online at www.cabinquilters.com or on YouTube at www.youtube.com/cabinquilters.

My Workshop

All Scrapped Out! is a demonstration of how to make a masterpiece out of your unruly collection of scraps without pre-cutting or pre-pressing your fabrics. There is no need for precut sizes. Let me show you how to step away from the cutting table and ironing board and just begin sewing. There is no need to purchase special rulers… you will use YOUR rulers. There is no need to purchase new yardage… you will use YOUR scraps and maybe a little stash to turn them into something spectacular.

Using just a few rules of experience I will show you how to make “free” quilts with all those leftovers others throw away. Let’s take a journey through stitching, organizing, and auditioning to make spectacular and colorful quilts.

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