Hello, I'm Rosalie Dace (she/her).


I am teaching "Living Color Loving Color".  

About Me

I am obsessed with color, light, line, shape, texture and fabric, and am constantly searching for new ways to respond to the natural world that so fascinates me. This, together with my background in Art, English and Education has led me to switch from the medium of painting, to working with a variety of fabrics. I love the rich contrasts that can result from the juxtaposition of cottons, silks, velvets, brocade, and sheers. My quilts come directly from my life, and have been widely published and exhibited. While I value the traditions from which our quilt making comes, I believe my work should say something about its time and place in history. This, and my awareness of being a South African artist, gives my work its particular character.

As an educator my aim is to fill my students with confidence and the excitement that I feel about creating art in fabric and fiber. In making my classes enriching, informative and inviting, I aim to guide students in the direction of their interest in a non-threatening supportive environment, so that they create more than they thought they ever could.

Journeys 4 Night Flight
Elements - Fire

My Workshop


Find joy in using color! If color excites, or even puzzles you, this 60 minute workshop is for you.

Discover how to live and love color fully and find ways to see and use it confidently and sensitively, bringing added life back into your quilts.

Enjoy seeing the color used by artists and quiltmakers in different combinations, and see how you can try them yourself. Using a variety of fabrics, I will show you approaches and ideas for small abstract color-rich studies that you can do, and show you how to do them where needed.

See how you can add impact, movement, pattern and richness to your work.

I will focus on exciting color combinations, contrasts, saturation, color temperature, subtlety, moods, value, and the role of neutrals.

Workshop Supply List


  • Most people will want to simply watch at first, but you can have some small pieces of fabric in your chosen color palette on hand to experiment with if desired.¬†

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