Hello, I'm Shereece Nicole (she/her).


I am teaching "On Point Quilts for Beginners".  

About Me

My quilting journey began in 2010 out of boredom. I was living in a new, small town and I was looking to meet new people. Thanks to a local program, I started to learn to crochet. Then I was reintroduced to quilting (the ‚Äúcorrect‚ÄĚ way). My travels and everyday life began to inspire quilt patterns I wanted to create. And now, I‚Äôm sharing those designs with you and teaching skills I‚Äôve learned along the way.

Quilt with matching pillow
Close up of pillow
Quilted pillow on matching quilt

My Workshop


If you're not familiar with or have been hesitant to make a quilt that's constructed on point, this 20 minute workshop will be perfect for you! I'm going to guide you through a beginner level pillow quilt pattern to teach you the basics of piecing an on point quilt. We'll be using the Stay Focused pillow pattern (free for VIPs!). By the end, I believe you'll feel confident to make the matching throw quilt. I'm so looking forward to you joining me!

Workshop Supply List


  • Paper and pen
  • The Stay Focused patterns used in the workshop are free for VIPs (see below). Free attendees can purchase the patterns from the link above.¬†

Shereece's Bonuses!


It's so easy to loose your place once you put a WIP away for awhile and to keep your sewing space organized. Shereece has what she uses to keep track of each of her quilt projects and ways to keep you from getting overwhelmed in your sewing space. We hope it helps you too!

VIPs can download the Stay Focussed throw and pillow pattern used in this workshop for FREE - a $21 value. 

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