Hello, I'm Sonia Spence (she/her).


I am teaching "Master Appliqué".  

About Me

Hi! I've been stitching for over 10 years and featured in popular quilting magazines as well as teaching virtual and real-life workshops.

I love hand- and machine-piecing equally, designing quilts that are just a little bit different and combine a variety of skills, as well as mixing modern and traditional styles.

I always have at least one hand-piecing project on the go as it is the ultimate mindful activity and can be taken with you everywhere.

My favourite thing is to encourage people to take up stitching, try new things and make a project their own by providing them with different options and the skills and confidence to try their own thing.

I live in England, close to the Welsh border and when I'm not creating I love to be outside walking the dog with my family.

Applique flower
Sonia's original design
Sonia's original design
Patchwork case

My Workshop


When I first started quilting, appliqué seemed like a dark art - something that I would do when I was all grown up and had a few years of stitching experience!

However, I soon discovered that appliqué is a great way to start quilting as you only need to learn a few techniques, it needs a minimal sewing kit, can be taken with you anywhere and is also a fantastic way of using up scraps and embellishing projects.

During this 30 minute class, I will show you how to sew an appliqué flower and share with you;
- The essential appliqué toolkit
- How to make reusable templates
- Preparing fabric
- The three basic techniques you need to master to appliqué most shapes

Workshop Supply List


  • Template (receive this when you sign up for Sonia's newsletter)
  • Background fabric
  • Sewing kit: needle, thread, scissors, pins
  • Fabric scraps: 2 1/2‚ÄĚ squares for the heart/leaf, 1 3/4‚ÄĚ square for the oval and a 1" x 7" strip for the stem

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