Hello, I'm Tammy Silvers (she/her).


I am teaching "Creating Gradations from Your Fabric Stash".  

About Me

Hi, I'm Tammy, and my company is Tamarinis. I've been teaching quilting since 2000. I design batiks (woohoo!) and LOTS of different styles of quilt patterns. I love designing, but I love teaching and sharing my passion for quilting. It is so much fun to teach students around the globe, visit different guilds, meet quilters and see all the creativity that makes this such a fun world to be a part of. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing with color and fabric. It’s so fun and energizing to see what results you can achieve with different combos.

Let’s play with fabric together!

Peaks and Valleys Juniper quilt
A close up of
Peacock Dreams, Daydream, Los Res

My Workshop


In this 60 minute workshop I'll showcase different examples of how creating a gradation will look in different situations - left to right, top to bottom, diagonal set, inside to outside. We'll then move into a demonstration of how creating a gradation works, using my own (very messy) scrap basket. My key piece of advice is that gradations don't have to be perfect! They just have to flow.

Workshop Supply List


  • Your scraps
  • A design wall/flat surface to lay them out on. (Foldable design wall¬†- affiliate link)

Tammy's Bonuses!


You have two beautiful patterns to download.

  • Compass Star Pattern¬† (available to everyone)
  • Granny Squares Pattern (VIPs only)

PLUS watch an interview with Tammy - only available to VIP Pass holders. 

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