Hello, I'm Tamsin Macdonald (she/her).


I am teaching "Sew the Stars".  

About Me

Tamsin Macdonald is a patchwork quilter living in rural Wiltshire in the UK. Her passion revolves around igniting the creativity of beginners and aspiring quilters with easy and fun patchwork block patterns, kits and sewing projects.

Tamsin’s love for quilting began when she took a patchwork workshop while pregnant with her eldest daughter and she needed a hobby to keep herself busy. She then took a more comprehensive course and fell in love with the idea of teaching others to quilt. She wanted to help aspiring quilters to get started without the overwhelm she had found when facing the journey through the maze of tools, patterns and fabrics available in the quilting world.

Fast forward to now, and Tamsin has a thriving online store selling digital patterns, precut quilt block kits and sewing kits all carefully designed with beginners at the heart. Her commitment is in simplifying the entry into quilting, ensuring that her customers feel supported and inspired every step of the way. Tamsin also has fostered an incredible community on Instagram where she shares daily doses of quilting tips, tricks and inspiration.

Star of Hope Block
Star of Hope Block
Star of Hope Quilt Top
Star of Hope Block

My Workshop


In my 40 minute workshop you will learn how to easily sew the beautiful Star Of Hope patchwork block.

Star blocks are really popular for using in both big and small projects but if you've never tried to sew them they can look quite challenging.

My workshop will show you the steps to make this star block using your sewing machine. You’ll learn to how to accurately cut triangles and sew them together without losing the points, some simple tricks for pinning smaller pieces of patchwork together, and how to construct the block itself.

Choose your fabrics and let’s dive in!

Workshop Supply List


  • 3 fat quarters in contrasting colours (you will have plenty of each fabric left to make more)
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and mat

Tamsin's Bonuses!


Tamsin has a great guide for beginners on getting to know your sewing machine and practising your stitching. You can download it here. 

Everyone can download the Star of Hope Block Pattern PDF so that you can sew it during her class and then make it into a cushion/pillow. Click on the buttons below to access it. 

Plus - Enter the Giveaway! A huge bundle of patterns from Tamsin's shop. 

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