Hello, we are Aline & Natasha Bugarin.

We are teaching "CUSTOM MAGIC: from picking designs to continuous path with Orbital Quilting".

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About Us

We bought a longarm quilting machine before quilting a single stitch - at any machine. It was the cost of a house and we had just left college! This fact pretty much sums up how excited we are about quilting -and how seriously we took it into our lives! Starting as professional quilters from day zero gave us a lot of joy and some challenges too! lol

To deal with all the different client quilts, we need to guarantee a practical (and replicable) method to make all of them look beautiful. That’s how we invented Orbital Quilting - The Quilting Architecture. With it, we discovered the joy quilting would bring us, so we went deep and started making wholecloths!

The rest is history: 1500 client quilts finished in 5 years; 2700 students all over the world; 18 international awards for our wholecloth quilts, including best categories, in Paducah, Houston, and Canada, to name just a few; hundreds of classes on fairs, TV, events, and on our 2 youtube channels (yeah, baby, we speak two languages! lol; invention of products from minimalist rulers and sustainable fabric, to publishing books and creating the Orbital Board.

In almost a decade of quilting, teaching, and inventing, one thing is for sure: we are here to make it sparkling fun and super easy! So, if you want to make Free Motion Quilting and learn Custom Quilting (anything quilted related, in fact) with style -your style, join us!

We guarantee you'll not see anything like it in any other place! See you on the flip side!

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Our Workshop

Picking designs for Custom Quilting gives you the chills? Do you suffer from quilting paralysis?

Fear no more! Besides bad jokes, in this workshop you'll see how we use ORBITAL QUILTING ARCHITECTURE to make amazing Custom Quilting.

Longarm, Domestic and every machine in between: what you're gonna see here is guaranteed to help!

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Our Bonuses

  • All attendees can download the Custom Quilting Booster, worth $50, which contains 30 free FMQ classes and More!
  • Friends & VIPs can download an additional Custom Magic Ebook with Inspirational Designs, a $10 value. 
  • VIPs have an amazing opportunity to win an Orbital Sandwich and a VIP pass to TCQB - an amazing $90 value!
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